Thank God it's Weekend! (in England)

A big warm thanks to Mark and Gail for the great weekend!
You earned at least four and a half chainsaws in our SCUM-travelguide (RD).

I don't know where we would have been without you ...
(I'm lying. I do know: back home being bored, that's where we would have been!)
(Also, Paul and Cathy: thanks for the great evening!)

Anyway, it was nice, very nice 8-)

Enjoy the pics, -Max

Btw, this gallery is just a selection. Download the entire (33 Mb) package here.
(this tarball doesn't contain levien's scans though, you may find those here)

PS. Added a few new pics today (20010712), fixed a bunch of spelling mistakes (sorry Max ;)
and copied all the stuff to Enjoy!

Standard diclaimer: all your rights are OURS! Mwahaha !!
(no, just kidding 8-)

  • Chilling on the boat
  • Waiting for Mark
  • Ah, he's in the supermarket!
  • Ben's beautiful "new" shoelaces. (a very efficient distribution of excess shoelace material on Max's behalf)
  • Burn it! (well it's a BBQ isn't it?)
  • Ben does smoke signals
  • Chilling out with a piece of incinerated meat
  • In the pub. Notice the red alien :-)
  • Ben in the toilet without makeup. Scary shit!
  • Some idiot spoiling what would have been a great group shot


  • Next morning: Lazy Bastards
  • Ah, he's up
  • And him too: Back From The ShowerRoom
  • Notice the flat bellies!
  • Ben presents ... a ticket machine
  • Bill Gates woz 'ere?
  • Sheesh. Americanisation? (Lazy Bastards! -=LvZ :)
  • Seems we're in London... (notice the sex ads in the back)

    At the British Museum

  • Some Entrance
  • Sweet, soft lion
  • Inside
  • Whaa, BIG house!
  • Impressive Big Stone Thing
  • What they forgot in the original tomb... (notice the small Japanese woman laughing her head off)
  • Cool Bird (To Flash, Or Not To Flash)
  • Cool Head (no nose though)
  • Ancient Literature

    Picking Up Sean

  • Waiting for the tube...
  • And again... (will this NEVER end?)
  • There he is, dudes: THE MAN (only three hours late this time)
  • Some useful advice from Ben
  • Stairway to Hell
  • Stairway to Heaven? Nah.

    Getting Rid Of Sean (after a curry)

  • Gail on the Underground
  • I'll drink to that!
  • Gail in the pub
  • Late Night Messaging


  • Max asleep: Ain't he cute?
  • Waiting for Sean
  • Still waiting for Sean
  • Just watching TV (MALEB-style)
  • Rye House station: Waiting for Sean
  • Ben and Max trying to crash the ticket machine again
  • Warning: only look at this one if you're NOT English. (Max you HAD to, hadn't you?)
  • Presenting...
  • Now THIS is scary
  • We were thinking of selling Ben's hairline to McDonalds for advertising...
  • WANTED Dead or Alive
  • Ben presens: Back to Hull
  • Try and guess who's heaviest...

    At Cathy's

  • Hi there Cathy! (and Paul)
  • Ben presents: A Neurotic Dog (Chili, not Curry)
  • No flash for Paul please...
  • Caught drunk at four in the morning

  • Recovering The Morning After

    On board

  • Let me go!
  • Ben's 'Ode to Binary Trees'
  • Presenting: Mr. Max,
  • Mr. Levien,
  • and Mr. Ben.
  • Clear symptons of the Foot & Mouth disease
  • Whoops, stuck!
  • Help me!
  • Aaarrhhggg ...
  • The end of a perfect weekend, and guess what happens next? Shit: a serious discussion :)

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    and El Vienno del Sol (