Northern England, summer 1998

This is a small selection from the photographs taken.
More pictures and comments and stuff might follow later on.

Chapter 1: Scunthorpe and surroundings

  • Nurse Ben
  • Nurse Ben with patient
  • Happy Cathy at Lincoln Castle
  • Creating the Scones Of Death
  • Chapter 2: York

  • The famous York Minister
  • Even Holy Places aren't safe anymore...
  • Cool Dead Guy
  • The Thinkers
  • Hobophobic (scared of Max)
  • Colourful York
  • Less colourful Ben
  • Then again, maybe not...
  • PubView (tm)
  • The Shambles by Night
  • Chapter 3: The Dales

  • PogoBen!
  • Too much energy...
  • Ben's just goin' for a walk to cool down...
  • But a shower under Hardraw Force is slightly more effective
  • Water Falling
  • Hardraw Nights
  • Just your average English summer?
  • Ah, this is better...
  • ...except for the hills of course...
  • Chapter 4: Hull (Where Everything Ends)

  • Late arrival, couldn't be bothered to put up tents...
  • Ben tried to jump over his tent. He failed....

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